Photo: Edward Jenner

Trust in Science

Confidence in science fell in 2022 while political divides persisted, poll shows

This selected resource is a recent AP News article, which highlights evidence on the public’s perceptions of science, the divide by political party lines, and a call for bipartisan scientific support. Public trust in science had remained relatively stable for the last 50 years; however, recent data (2022) suggest a dip in public trust in science. There are many factors that can impact people’s trust in science including culture, history, and education to name a few. However, most recently it appears trust has been influenced by the COVID pandemic and politics. Sudip Parikh, CEO of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the Advisor to this month’s ‘Trust in Science’ theme, indicated that he sees the decline in scientific trust as part of an “overall pulling apart of our communities”.

AP News, Maddie Burakoff, June 15, 2023