Science Communication

Science Writing: Guidelines And Guidance

The following research elements are newsworthy to reporters, apart from the actual research finding. If your paper features any among them, make sure to highlight these elements to the press package team (and to your institutional press office), for any work they may be doing to promote your research, and to the press in any interviews you hold during the embargoed period:

  • The paper provides a new and distinct view, overturning a prevailing view
  • The paper involves a new method / technology
  • The paper features an unusually large sample size, or geography (e.g., North Korea)
  • The findings, even if treading ground similar to work recently published, will greatly impact people/communities, and you can elucidate how
  • The paper features a very large/international author group
  • The paper intersects with a newly developing government / regulatory policy
  • New research in the related space hasn’t been put forward in quite some time
  • The research will surprise x group
  • The paper directly informs real-world applications, such as medicine, technology, or policy changes, or has a consumer angle
  • The author has an interesting personal story (has overcome great obstacles, for example, to continue doing the research he/she is doing)

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