“With Climate Panel as a Beacon, Global Group Takes On Misinformation”

Source: New York Times, 5/24/2003

The Nobel Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences convened 200+ scholars, the International Panel on the Information Environment, in Washington DC  in May 2023.  The New York Times reported on the meeting, noting that:

“One challenge facing these efforts is overcoming the increasingly fierce arguments over what exactly constitutes misinformation. In the United States, the efforts to combat it have run aground on First Amendment protections of free speech. The biggest companies have now shifted focus and resources away from the fight against misinformation, even as new platforms emerged promising to forgo policies that moderate content.”

The Coalition for Trust In Health & Science was honored to co-sponsor, with S & R Evermay, a reception in conjunction with the panel meeting. Reed Tuckson, M.D., spoke on behalf of the Coalition, saying:

“The challenge of the tidal wave of the conjoined twins of mistrust and misinformation has grown so large, and it’s implications so severe for preventable disease and premature death, that every participant in the health ecosystem has an obligation to address it to the best of their ability. The newly-formed Coalition for Trust in Health and Science will mount a response commiserate to the challenge, scale at the level of the coordinated efforts of every sector comprising the health and related science ecosystem. [The Coalition] includes the leading organizations from basic science and health services research; biotech and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing; physician, nursing, allied health, public health and other health professional domains; hospital and residential care providers; health insurers; regulatory and quality organizations; digital medicine and consumer based care entities; policy formulators; business groups; ethics institutes; and patient organizations, among others, who have signed a unifying and action oriented Vision and Pledge statement…more organizations are joining each week.”


Chana Davis, PhD

Sarah Coles, MD