Erin O’Malley

Erin O’Malley joined the Coalition for Trust in Health & Science (CTHS) in January 2024. In this role, she leads the daily advancement of CTHS’ mission, vision and values, and works with the CTHS Board to develop and execute strategies for continued growth of the organization.

Science Writing: Guidelines And Guidance

Carl Zimmer is a popular science writer, blogger, columnist, and journalist who specializes in the topics of evolution, parasites, and heredity. On his website, he provides notes for a class he has taught at Yale called “Writing about Science, Medicine, and the Environment.”

Interview Series on Trust in Health Care

Trust in Crises and Crises in Trust; Climates of Distrust in Medicine, How Inadequate Responses to Medical Mishaps Erode Trust in American Medicine, and When Artists Go to Work: On the Ethics of Engaging the Arts in Public Health

New to science writing (resources)

ASW offers a wide array of resources to the science writing community, many of which do not require NASW membership. They have a special section dedicated to people new to the craft!

AAAS Communication Toolkit

A website called EurekAlert gives journalists access to the latest scientific studies – and to press releases that science writers have written on those studies – before publication.