Coalition Advisor

Meagan Phelan


Meagan is the Communications Director for the Science family of journals, where she oversees efforts to boost the visibility of all forthcoming Science family of journal content for reporters worldwide. Prior to joining AAAS in 2013, she served as a senior writer at AIR Worldwide, where she interacted with more than 65 Ph.D.-level scientists and engineers to communicate advances in wind engineering, seismology, climate science, and other fields. Previously, she was a senior writer and editor at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Meagan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Spanish from Gettysburg College, and a Master’s degree in Science Writing from The Johns Hopkins University. In 2008, Meagan received a Fulbright Scholarship to work with Dr. Juan Antonio Raga at the University of Valencia to help determine the cause of morbillivirus resurgence among small cetaceans in the Mediterranean. Meagan also completed science-reporting internships with Science as well as National Public Radio and has freelanced for various outlets including Anesthesiology News.